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For this installment of our In Bed With series at Refinery Hotel, we’re getting up close and personal with one of the world’s favorite moms. Known for her unique...

November 6


6 Virtual Ways to Experience New York City

As government and health officials work to quickly halt the spread of the coronavirus, many of New York City’s best-loved attractions have been temporarily shuttered. But you don’t need...

April 16


What’s Happening in April in NYC

April may still be around the corner, but it’s already starting to feel like spring in New York City. The daylight slowly stretches later into the evenings, greenery is...

March 30


The Best Blowouts in Manhattan

Whether you’re in town for a special event, a fancy night out for dinner and a show, or simply want to enjoy a little pampering during your trip to...

March 12


In Bed With Érika Santos

In a world where high fashion can so often feel out of reach—and, at times, frivolous—Brazilian influencer and blogger Érika Santos uses fashion to spread important messages. You can...

February 20


A New Year in New York: Refinery’s Resolutions for 2020

Capitalizing on New York City’s word-class entertainment, new restaurants and iconic museums — these are just a few of the ways Refinery staff members are resolving to experience New...

January 7


Refinery’s Favorite NYC Holiday Traditions

New York City is one of the greatest destinations on Earth for travelers hoping to get into the holiday spirit. And there’s no shortage of fun ways to celebrate...

December 15


Where to Shop Now in Midtown

Retail isn’t dead, and neither is the brick and mortar — at least not in New York City, which welcomes new stores faster than a New Yorker can hail...

November 10


What’s Happening in NYC in August

The blistering summer continues as August arrives in New York City. But for travelers who can brave the sticky heat, the rewards are substantial. After all, August is filled...

July 29


What’s Happening in June in NYC

Late spring and early summer in New York City means long, balmy days, Summer Fridays and a full calendar stacked with some of the Big Apple’s most memorable events...

May 30


Around NYC

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Spring cocktails are here to save the day! We have successfully made it through one of the worst winters we’ve experienced in a while here in New York City.
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