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6 Virtual Ways to Experience New York City

As government and health officials work to quickly halt the spread of the coronavirus, many of New York City’s best-loved attractions have been temporarily shuttered. But you don’t need...

April 16


What’s Happening in NYC in August

The blistering summer continues as August arrives in New York City. But for travelers who can brave the sticky heat, the rewards are substantial. After all, August is filled...

July 29


What to Do in July in NYC

For travelers who can stand the heat (it’s not uncommon for temperatures to breach 90 degrees), July is one of the best times to visit New York City. There...

July 2


The Ultimate All Night Jazz Crawl in NYC

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, also known as JAM, and New York City is celebrating big time. Some of the world’s best jazz clubs are here, and if there’s...

April 7


Best Fashion Moments at AFROPUNK Festival 2015

This past weekend Grace Jones, Lenny Kravitz and Lauryn Hill headlined AFROPUNK, an annual music and arts festival in Brooklyn. The festival’s mission is to promote indie music—but it...

August 26


Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

Who doesn’t love a good karaoke session? Head to these six NYC Karaoke bars and sing your heart out! Sing here: Karaoke St. Marks Tufted leather couches, florescent lights...

July 28


A Love Song I Couldn’t Write: A sit-down with Winnie’s Jazz Bar pianist

Daniel Broadhurst at Winnie’s Jazz Bar Performer Daniel Broadhurst is, at heart, a storyteller. When he sits behind the piano every Monday night at Winnie’s Jazz Bar, he shares...

April 1


Valentine’s Day Favorites: 5 Albums Inspired by Love

If you’re wondering why all your friends are suddenly listening to Spotify playlists that all have to do with love (or heartbreak), it’s because Valentine’s Day is just around...

February 9


The Best Jazz Clubs in NYC: A Refinery Guide

Image source Tom Marcello via Flickr Jazz, long ago replaced in America’s mainstream, remains must-hear music in New York City’s vibrant jazz scene. Every great jazz musician has visited...

February 2


DJ Speakeasy’s Top 20 Glittertrap Songs of 2014

DJ Speakeasy brings a fresh sound to the Refinery Rooftop on a regular basis. Her taste, self-described as Glittertrap, compliments the hotel and continuously impresses guests. With the turning of...

January 20


Around NYC

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Spring cocktails are here to save the day! We have successfully made it through one of the worst winters we’ve experienced in a while here in New York City.
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