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For this installment of our In Bed With series at Refinery Hotel, we’re getting up close and personal with one of the world’s favorite moms. Known for her unique...

November 6



Part of what makes a hotel experience unforgettable is the staff. When staying in luxury properties, a certain level of service is expected and when executed properly, is delightful!...

February 3


Refinery Times Holiday Gift Guide 2022

For unique and memorable gifts from a NYC institution, check out Refinery Hotel's 2022 holiday gift guide!

December 19


6 Virtual Ways to Experience New York City

As government and health officials work to quickly halt the spread of the coronavirus, many of New York City’s best-loved attractions have been temporarily shuttered. But you don’t need...

April 16


Best NYC Restaurants Offering Takeout

Like so many destinations around the world, New York City’s world-famous culinary scene has been put on pause to halt the spread of the coronavirus. But chefs and restaurateurs...

April 2


The Best Blowouts in Manhattan

Whether you’re in town for a special event, a fancy night out for dinner and a show, or simply want to enjoy a little pampering during your trip to...

March 12


What’s Happening in March in NYC

Looking for a great time to visit New York City?  Manhattan can be comparatively crowd-free this time of year, making March one of the best months for traveling to...

February 29


In Bed With Érika Santos

In a world where high fashion can so often feel out of reach—and, at times, frivolous—Brazilian influencer and blogger Érika Santos uses fashion to spread important messages. You can...

February 20


How to Get Glam in NYC

The holidays may be over, but the flashiest events of the year are still just around the corner. In February, Fashion Week takes over New York City, as do...

February 2


What’s Happening in February in NYC

Even during the shortest month of the year, New York City has a full calendar of exciting events and things to do. And because 2020 is a Leap Year,...

January 31


Around NYC

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Spring cocktails are here to save the day! We have successfully made it through one of the worst winters we’ve experienced in a while here in New York City.
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