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The Winnie In All Of Us

Downstairs at the Refinery, we have a bar that we affectionately call “Winnie’s.” It’s named after a strong-willed, smart and sassy baroness who ran a Prohibition tea lounge right here in this very NYC hotel in the early 1900s. It was a place where ladies could rest up after a day of shopping with a nice cup of tea (spiked, of course). She certainly left her mark down here in the Garment District, not just for women, but for men as well.

Winnie is the inspiration behind all we do here at the Refinery, bringing good taste and good times to all who walk through our doors. Winnie is the woman who loves spending her Saturdays at the boutique and her Sundays at brunch. From soulful music to provocative art, Winnie doesn’t shy away from exploring the world around her, whether it’s wandering into that secret jazz club at 2 in the morning in the Lower East Side to gallery hopping solo in Chelsea. The eternal bon vivant, Winnie loves good food and great cocktails, and you’ll never see her saying no to dessert, either!

Winnie works hard, travels the world and always finds the time to hit the town—always wearing just the right hat. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, she’s got a smile on her face, ready for the next urban adventure with friends and soon-to-be friends.

So who is Winnie? Why, Winnie is the dashingly charming and eternally stylish maven in all of us… and as she would surely say, “Keep smiling. It makes people wonder where you’ve been!”

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