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Introducing Indie Walls

Drinking a cocktail at Winnie’s in NYC you noticed The Happening II hanging on the wall across from you. Before grabbing a table at Parker and Quinn to enjoy dinner, the Unraveling Horizon has caught your eye. Curated by Indiewalls, the individual art pieces featured along the walls of the Refinery tell a unique story of imagination and fearless talent.

For Indiewalls, the problem and the solution were very simple. Noticing a lack of access to local art for commercial properties, Indiewalls became a platform that allows commercial art buyers to find real artwork from local artists. Weaving the locality of a city into its core design, the small team behind Indiewalls creates a connection between art and the establishment.

The Refinery currently houses the works of four New York artists:

Lisa Mee, whose work can be found in many galleries around NYC, is inspired by the rhythms and colors found in nature. She collects papers, fabrics, and metals and integrates them into her work for visually stunning paintings.
Daniel Oglander, who speaks through his hands, is a Brooklynite who creates extensions of moments captured in photos.

Diana Delgado, a New York based artist, paints from a personal narrative with themes of glamour, fashion and embracing frivolity.

Ryan Brennan, a MFA candidate right here in NYC is responsible for one of the most captivating pieces at Refinery, “The Unraveling Horizon.” Layers of paper with printed imagery rip from the center outward from a shattered frame intended to evoke nostalgia.

One of the most unique aspects of Indiewalls is that every piece of art on exhibit is available to purchase on the spot — no need to go through a gallery owner or artist. Just scan the the QR codes next to the artwork from your smartphone and submit payment for any of the available pieces. And if you were thinking of purchasing “The Unraveling Horizon,” well, you’re already too late. The painting has been sold! But our other pieces are still available, so why not stop by and take a peek at the artwork on exhibit at Refinery for yourself.

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