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Little Shop Spotlight: The Hat Shop

Being a former millinery turned hotel, here at the Refinery we have a natural obsession with hats. Today we are giving a shout-out to The Hat Shop, a local boutique in SoHo that has one of the most dapper collections we’ve seen. Opening it’s doors in 1995, The Hat Shop’s owner Linda Pagan manufactures and sells custom hats in NYC through her in-house line Chapeau Chateau. Other milliners around New York City have been able to feature their design at The Hat Shop as well.

The shop offers three categories of hats: function, finishing, and flaunting. For those who are looking for practicality with style, browse the hats made for function. Protect yourself from the sun with an awesome pair of oversized shades and a hat to match! The bigger the better, as the bigger the brim the more protection from the sun. In the winter, you’ll need to stay warm of course, but you’ll also want to be in style.

You’ve put together an amazing outfit, but you’re missing one final piece- and that’s where the finishing hat comes in. The finishing hat combines form and function to build, enhance and finish an outfit. Make sure the hat adds to your outfit, in a good way. Now for those daring to be bold, the flaunting hat is not for the faint of heart. As the name suggest, the flaunting hat is for those who want to be…seen! A day at the Kentucky Derby or the Brooklyn Derby may call for a stroll down this section.

Whichever hat it is that you decide to wear for the day, be bold and own it. The staff at The Hat Shop is there to help you find the perfect fit for you. Don’t leave until you’ve found the perfect one but ladies and gentlemen remember there are rules to wearing a hat!

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