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The @GirlsTalkTacos Guide to Cinco De Mayo in NYC

Once upon a brunch-fueled Sunday afternoon in Manhattan, five friends—each of whom hail from Miami—sat around a table and discovered their shared appreciation for all things tacos. They were a group of photographers, fashionistas, and writers, who decided to create a joint Instagram account dedicated to discovering the best taco joints in NYC one soft shell at a time.

The group shares their reviews—on a scale from one to five emoji flames—of every place they visit, peppered with comedy. And since it’s Instagram, a mouthwatering photo accompanies each review, making sure you want tacos (even if it’s only 10 am).

Since launching, the girls behind the dreamy Instagram account have visited over 30 taco spots, providing a whole lot of laughs and bookmarked restaurants on our phones.

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, here are eight taquerias that earned Girls Talk Taco’s coveted five-flame rating. It’s a sure-fire way to find some of the best tacos in New York City.

1. Oficina Latina


Oficina Latina: 24 Prince St., 646-381-2555
“The tacos de mariscos offer a heaping pile of fresh squid, shrimp and pineapple salsa with every bite.” –@dirtyyydan

2. Los Tacos No.1


Los Tacos No.1: 75 9th Ave., 212-256-0343
“A cactus and steak taco made me consider starting a religion dedicated to Los Tacos No.1.” –@dirtyyydan 

3. Taquerica Tlaxacalli


Taqueria Tlaxacalli: 2103 Starling Ave., Bronx, 347-851-3085
“The Al Pastor tacos are some of the best I’ve ever had.” – @thelatinafey 

4. Otto’s Tacos


Otto’s Tacos: 705 9th Ave., 646-918-7681
“I never leave disappointed and that’s why they’re my go-to.” –@miamitomanhattan

5. Goa Taco


Goa Taco: 79 Delancey St., 347-276-5103
“Add some house made bourbon sauce and this could easily be the taco of your dreams.” –@ohmynessa 

6. El Kucho Mexicana


El Kucho Mexicana: 141 Wilson Ave., Brooklyn, 917-966-5124
“I’m here to assure you there’s just as much mouth watering chicken as there is green in this photo.” -@marjorie.nunez

7. Baby’s All Right


Baby’s All Right: 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, 718-599-5800
“Baby’s All Right’s al pastor taco is pretty freakin good. Topped off with salsa verde, we couldn’t say no.” –@ohmynessa

8.Empellon Al Pastor


Empellon Al Pastor: 132 St. Marks Pl., 646-833-7039
“To take a page from the illustrious DJ Khaled, the key to success is a good taco.” –@thelatinafey





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