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Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Midtown

Finding the best breakfast sandwiches in Midtown is as easy as swiping left or right on your favorite dating app. But finding one worthy of a second date try is another story. We’ll spare you the horror stories: Here are the best shops for breakfast sandwiches in the neighborhood.

1. Untamed Sandwiches

The Sandwich: The Ol’ Grumpy, $8
Scrambled eggs, beef chili, pimiento cheese and hot jam makes for a sandwich that is worth every single, carb-loaded bite. Grab a seat at the wooden bench tables and enjoy some people-watching.

Untamed Sandwiches: 43 West 39th St., 646-669-9397

2. Shake Shack

The Sandwich: Sausage, Egg n’ Cheese, $5
Beat the long lines at Shake Shack by arriving in the morning. The Sausage, Egg n’ Cheese breakfast sandwiches are cooked to order (much like their burger counterparts), with cage-free eggs and vegetarian-fed meats.

Shake Shack: 49 Grand Central Terminal, 646-517-5805

3. Penelope

The Sandwich: Penny Egg Sandwich, $9
Penelope feels like a tiny cottage in the woods—except you’re on the corner of Lexington and 30th. Try the Penny Egg Sandwich, scrambled eggs with American cheese and pesto on an English muffin. Ask for it with bacon. Vegetarians will be happy here too, as Penelope also has fake bacon.

Penelope: 159 Lexington Ave., 212-481-3800

4. Alidoro

The Sandwich: Davide $3.50
The Italian specialty sandwich shop Alidoro’s has a Midtown location (the original is in SoHo), just a six-minute walk from the hotel. Order the Davide, an egg sandwich with smoked chicken, hot pepper and a creamy bel paese cheese spread.

Alidoro: 18 E. 39th St., 646-692-4330

5. Cafe Cello

The Sandwich: Egg on a Roll, $1.50
This non-descript bodega-style shop in Midtown is perfect for the classic New York City breakfast sandwich. A little insider’s tip: Ask for the roast pork shoulder instead of the standard bacon, sausage or ham.

Café Cello: 48 West 46th St., 212-764-8701

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