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Where NYC’s Coolest Guys Get Their Hair Cut

Recently, we set out on a quest to find the best barbershops in New York City. We started by searching on our own, scouring reviews and popping into places all around Manhattan. And then we thought, Why not go straight to the source? So we hit the streets of NYC in search of dapper gentlemen with a clean cut that absolutely begged the question, “Hey, where’d you get your hair cut?” Read on for where to get the best men’s haircut in NYC.

The Cool-Guy Cut. Justin Keller, Director of Men’s Division at Findings Inc.


“His name is Brian Meehan. He’s moved around a couple of places and I’ve always followed him. He’s given me every haircut I’ve ever had in New York. I’m actually on my way to get one right now.”

Stylist: Brian Meehan

Shop: Capelli D’Oro; 123 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, 212.366.6612

Price: $55-$75

The Downtown Classic. Paul Thongpan, Real estate sales

Paul Thongpan on where to get the best men's haircut in NYC

“I used to live in New Jersey, and I’d drive into the city just to get a haircut at Astor Place Hairstylists. Every barber there is legit.”

Stylist: Usually rotates between two or three.

Shop: Astor Place Hairstylists; 2 Astor Place, New York, 212.475.9854

Price: $16

Rock ’n’ Roll Suave. Emiliano Cori, Director at Laicale Salon.

Best men's haircut in NYC

Fabrizio cuts my hair, and if I had to describe his cuts in one word? Rock ’n’ Roll.”

Stylist: Fabrizio Flumicelli

Shop: LAICALE, 129 Grand Street, New York, 212.219.2424

Price: $95-$160

The Seriously Affordable Cut. Sam Baker-Salmon, Web Developer and Designer.

Sam Baker-Salmon goes to Chinatown for the best men's haircut in NYC.

I don’t know the name of the guy who cuts my hair; we’ve never spoken since he doesn’t speak English. But I go to this very cheap $4 spot in Chinatown. I usually grab some dim-sum first, then get my haircut. All for ten bucks!”

Stylist: Unknown

Shop: Dazhong Barber Shop; 63 Bayard Street, New York, no phone number listed

Price: $4

The Clean Cut. Alex Martinez, Software Engineer at DotGo.


“I go to Geno’s because I get exactly what I want without any distractions. I don’t need a cocktail, or snacks or loud, hip music—I just go in for my appointment, get my cut, and I’m out the door.”

Stylist: Matteo

Shop: Geno’s Barberia; 48 Greenwich Ave, New York, 212.929.9029

Price: $40

NYC Barbershops and beyond

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