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The Power Couples of Instagram

Browsing pictures of these amazing Instagram power couples brings up a lot of questions: Did supermodel Chrissy Teigen teach her husband John Legend the Instagram ropes? What if Natalia Zakharova had never grabbed her fiance’s hand on the streets of Barcelona that one fateful day? And which dish was actually better, the almond-smothered lamb or the shrimp-corn-sausage boil? Whatever the case may be, these couples—celebrities, photographers, journalists, models and aspiring chefs—are BOTH killing it on Instagram. Here’s why!

Who are they:
@YOURLEO ( 438,000 followers)
@MURADOSMANN ( 2.2 million followers)

You’ve seen the pose many times. Woman holds a man’s hand as she leads him toward something pretty epic (in this case, it’s the Brooklyn Bridge). If you ever found yourself wondering who started this trend, look no further than the originators: photographer Murad Osmann and his journalist girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova. What started out as a mistake—Zakharova was annoyed by Osmann constantly snapping photos while on vacation to Barcelona, grabbed his hand to pull him forward. Osmann didn’t stop shooting, and the rest is history. The “Follow Me To” project has since gone viral, leading to a #followmeto hashtag with almost 180,000 posts. The (newly) engaged couple has one more thing to celebrate, the recent release of their book, Follow Me To: A Journey Around the World Through the Eyes of Two Ordinary Travelers.

Who are they:
@CHRISSYTEIGEN ( 2.2 million followers)
@JOHNLEGEND ( 1.8 million followers)

Soulful crooner John Legend and his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen make an absolutely gorgeous couple. And if you follow these two on social media, you’ll know that they are just as funny as they are adorable. These two aren’t shy about sharing an inside look into their marriage—which includes dinner dates and bedtime with Oscar. Not only is Teigen pretty witty, she also runs her own food blog Delushious—when she isn’t strutting down the runway, of course. Seriously, how does she do it all? Scrolling through their feeds you’ll see this celebrity couple seems, well, normal.

Who they are:
@BEEWALKER_ ( 13.2k followers)
#RogWalker ( 0 followers)

Bee Walker, born in Kenya, is a NYC-based medium-format photographer with a unique minimalist style. Her husband, Rog Walker, is a self-taught photographer who recently made his way into Vogue when Solange Knowles tapped him to photograph her recent nuptials. While Rog isn’t actually on Instagram, many of his subjects share his photography using the hashtag #RogWalker (which has accumulated close to 1,400 images). This couple is as talented as they are creative, and we’re hoping Rog will soon join the app!

Who are they:
@ONCEUPONABITE (7,277 followers)
@POCKETFORK ( 14,400 followers)

Diana Arizpe (@onceuponabite), an aspiring chef in New York City, shares all things food-related, from behind-the-scenes dinner parties to Pocketfork’s bagel rescue. Aaron Arizpe, or @pocketfork, is a food writer who also knows his way around the kitchen. He shares amazing-looking dishes, like this rack of lamb smothered in black vinegar, dates, almonds and watermelon radish. We can only imagine what dinner looks like at this  household!

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