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Upgrade your Hat Collection this Fall

There’s so much more to a hat than a beanie—although, we love those too. We spoke with three experts to get their tips for the perfect hats of the season.

Barbara Feinman of Barbara Feinman Millinery

tumblr_nwxrg9rGUL1ra9ymto3_500Model shows off wide brim hat.

“For this late in the fall season, a cloche is perfect. Retro flair for the modern woman, a cloche covers your ears while framing your features. A scarf and turned-up collar complete the look.

For early fall, try a wide-brimmed hat (such as the one shown here). There’s a version for everyone, up to 5 or 6 inches for a tall girl, or 3 to four inches if you’re petite. It’s chic, fabulous, and will keep the rain off your face!

Most important, get your hat from a milliner who knows how to help you choose the perfect hat for your face, hair and body type. And don’t forget to bring your winter coat along so you can try them on together.”

Browse Barbara Feinman hats here.  

Patrick Michael Chin, photographer with a knack for stylish hats

IMG_8334Patrick Michael Chin sports a burgundy cap—bad hair day who?

“I wear a lot of darks and neutrals so I love to use a ball cap to add a pop of color to an otherwise pretty straightforward color palette—or to fix a bad hair day. When in doubt, my advice would be to go with black. Always.”

Follow Patrick’s photography here

Christina Petric – Fashion blogger

floppy_fedora_faux_fur_4Christina Petric serves a serious dose of fall fashion.

“Look for a style that complements your face shape, in a color that doesn’t necessarily match your fall/winter wardrobe staples. As an accessory, you want the hat to stand out but still go with what you’re wearing.”

Follow Christina’s blog, The View From 5 Ft. 2, here.

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