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In Bed With The Style Society Guy

Jamal Jackson is one very dapper gentleman, and he loves to share his passion for fashion on his blog, Style Society Guy. After moving to New York City eight years ago to study fashion, Jamal quickly realized that when opportunities don’t present themselves, you have to create them. First, he began interning at GQ and then began sharing his “outfit of the day” on social media—which began resonating with his followers. This would often lead to Jamal answering tons of emails about where he found his fashionable pieces, which led Jamal to make a calculated risk and leap into the world of blogging. We met up at the Refinery Hotel to discuss how he manages his busy schedule, and what he does in bed other than sleep.  


Tie or No-tie?

No tie, just an air tie!

Tapered or boot-cut?


Jacket buttoned or unbuttoned?


To Movember or Not to Movember?

No to the Movember

Socks or no socks?

Socks. I’m a huge fan of socks.


Refinery Hotel: What’s your morning routine?

Jamal: Wake up, pray, meditate. I’ll usually go to a boxing class afterward. I try not to check my phone during this time: I’ve made this a very strict rule. If I didn’t, I’d never get anything done. I get back home around 10 am and jump straight into work. I plan my day out—everything is pretty scheduled. I can show you my Excel spreadsheet where every hour I’m supposed to be doing something. I hold myself accountable. I use the Pomodoro technique (a time management method). Everyone should do it.  

What do you do in bed besides sleep?

I am on Instagram a lot, and Snapchat. That’s pretty much what I do in bed. If I’m feeling a little lazy, I’ll do my work in bed. When I’m feeling luxe, I pull out my little wooden table for breakfast in bed. Breakfast will be something super quick like cereal, but it feels fancy with the table.

 Are mornings creative for you?

Yes. From the shower to the time I’m meditating, that’s when most ideas pop up. Or when I’m trying out new grooming products, I’ll have so many good ideas but forget to write them down. Mornings are the most creative for me; after that I’m like a robot. 


Coffee in the mornings?

Only if I’m meeting with a friend or for a  business meeting. I’m a social coffee drinker, just like some people are social smokers.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

It’s weird, but the last source of inspiration for me was construction workers. They wear neon vests, and I was on the hunt to find a neon blazer. I found one at Joe Fresh, but I was so inspired by the workers on the street. Architecture, design and home decor really inspire me. Even wallpaper inspires me.

 How would you describe your personal style?

My style is a modern twist on everything. I’m not hell-bent on one style. I know style and fashion enough to know whether something is tasteful or not. I’m all about trying new things.


 What’s your most prized fashion piece?

It has to be this vintage coat that everyone loves, and I found it at a thrift store. It’s a brown car coat, and has fur on the inside. And the brand? It’s JCPenney. I paid $30 for it at L-Train Vintage.

What’s your favorite topic to talk about on your blog?

I love to talk about how people can wear an outfit. I love to tell people that you don’t have to wear an outfit exactly how I wear it. You can wear it this way or that way. Pull the pieces apart. I love to destruct my outfits. I give people the exact information on where to buy the pieces: There are no secrets. If you have a certain amount of people looking up to you, even if it’s 50 people, you should give them access to the information—otherwise you’re just teasing them.

 What do you want people to walk away with when they visit your blog?

I want people to know that they can wear color; they can wear print; they can mix and match their pieces. You don’t have to pay as much as you would assume for great pieces. I want them to know that there are no official rules. I just wore all white. You can play around with fashion any way you want. Don’t let a brand determine your style. I shop at J. Crew and I listen to EDM—those may not go together. I love the Timberland brand, but I’m not that much of an outdoors person. I want my readers to not be afraid to get into a certain style or brand because of what it represents. It’s just clothing, and you can do what you want with the pieces. You can like wearing ripped up jeans, but also really like golf.


 Any advice for any up-and-coming bloggers?

Figure out how many hours you can devote to your blog. Create a Q1 through Q4 plan, and have goals attached to each quarter. List how you can complete those tasks for your blog. I have a life plan for Q1 through Q4 as well. Whatever you do, stay consistent. That’s the key. If you stay consistent you can’t go wrong. I would say look to others for advice, but still be yourself. Be as authentic as possible. People can really smell B.S.


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