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Midtown Munchies: Kellogg’s Cereal Cafe

The Spot:

Kellogg’s NYC

The Scene:

Cozy (and very much Instagrammable) cafe to enjoy breakfast at any time off the day.

The Scoop:


When we heard cereal brand Kellogg’s (hello there, Tony the Tiger!) was opening a cereal cafe in Times Square, we were simultaneously confused and intrigued. Who wants cereal outside of the house? Who will pay for it? Will it be good? We had to find out.

Kellogg’s NYC it turns out, specializes in crafting the fanciest bowls of cereal we’ve ever seen. Christina Tosi, Masterchef co-host and owner and head chef of Momofuku Milk Bar, created the cafe’s six specialty cereal bowls, including Frosted Flakes topped with pistachios, lemon zest and thyme. But if none of her concoctions appeal, diners can “raid the pantry” and create their own specialty bowl combining cereal, fruit, nuts, seeds, and extra boosts like chai tea powder or coffee grinds. All that’s left is to pick a dairy, milk or ice cream. (We went in the morning, and didn’t see anyone order the ice cream…guess we’ll have to go back?).


Order at the counter from a staff member—they’re all wearing t-shirts with pleasant quipps like “rise and shine” or “breakfast is Gr-eatt!,” and receive a buzzer. When your buzzer vibrates, you head to a different counter lined with 20 numbered, red cabinets. Find the cabinet with the same number as your buzzer, open it, and voila: your cereal neatly packaged in a Kellogg’s paper bag on a tray. True to form, traditional cereal box prizes await inside the bag for an extra dose of nostalgia. You may never use that bouncy ball or temporary Kellogg’s tattoo, but it somehow makes the $7.50 you paid for the bowl seem worth it.


At that price for a regular sized bowl, not many New Yorkers will replace their home Kellogg’s with the Times Square variety, but it’s still more affordable than other breakfast options nearby. And, most importantly, it’s an unforgettable way to eat a bowl of cereal.


Kellogg’s NYC: 1600 Broadway, open daily 7 am to 11 pm




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