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Make Summer Last Forever with these Cocktails

We’ve seen our fair share of heat wave scorches this summer in NYC. While we won’t complain about the high temperatures, let’s just say we’re not mad that fall is on its way.

But there are some things we will miss about the summer, like brunching on rooftops with friends, outdoor yoga, leisurely strolls to the museum and, perhaps most of all, tropical cocktails. Boozy popsicle drinks, “frosé” and caipirinhas (thank you, Rio Olympics!) ruled summer 2016, and were perfectly okay with that.

Now the day will soon come that we’re snuggled in our robes, wishing for warmer weather. For those moments when the next beach day seems too many months away, head to our new Pinterest board on all of our favorite summery drinks. These cocktails will help lift your winter blues.

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