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Our Favorite New York City Halloween Activities

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New York City brings the most eclectic and vibrant take on Halloween of any city in the United States. With millions of our country’s most creative minds and exciting socialites dressing up and taking to the Big Apple’s revered nightlife scene, there’s an abundance of great times and wild experiences to be had during this spooky holiday. To help break down the large list of great things to do, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite New York City Halloween activities.

Phantasmagorey Halloween Ball
Inspired by heaven and hell nightclubs from late-1800s Paris, the Phantasmagorey Ball brings patrons an experience like no other. Leading participants from room to room and exposing them to images of a supernatural nature, this event provides an extraordinary Halloween. Taking place at an incredible four-story Victorian mansion in downtown Manhattan, the Phantasmagorey Halloween Ball offers more than a thousand costumed citizens a venue for truly fun and slightly creepy holiday fun. This is a 21+ event.

Village Halloween Parade
One of the most beautifully creative New York City October events, the Village Halloween parade is the spot to escape the ordinary and capture the magical. Filled with puppets, dancers, artists, music and a wide array of enthusiastic, costumed participants; this parade is truly an out of this world experience.

Ghosts of NY
Head out with the family on an exciting tour of New York City that’s full of haunting surprises. Ghosts of New York is a walking tour group unlike anything you’ve ever seen. With themed tours around the streets of the Big Apple, these expeditions explore the city in a fun, Halloween-friendly fashion. Tour themes vary with creative titles such as: Edgar Allan Poe and his Ghostly Neighbors of Greenwich Village, and From Ghostbusters to John Lennon: Ghosts of the Upper West Side. Book your tour on Halloween, or, like the rest of the country, extend the spooky holiday with one of the many tours leading up and following the actual day of the dead.

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