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Explore Bryant Park’s Winter Village

While you may think finding a winter wonderland in New York City is virtually impossible, we’re here to tell you that simply isn’t the case. One of our favorite places year round, Bryant Park, happens to be just a few blocks away from the Refinery Hotel. In the summer months, we love lounging on the lawn after a day’s work, and sometimes we even sneak in a movie on a Monday night at the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. After we’ve said our goodbyes to summer, the lawn closes, but not for long. In late October, Bryant Park’s Winter Village emerges, much to the excitement of visitors and locals alike.

The Winter Village at Bryant Park is home to more than 100 holiday pop-up shops, and even a temporary two-story, glass-enclosed restaurant, lounge, and bar.  You can shop anything from accessories and art to tasty treats like macaroons and cupcakes. The highlight of the Winter Village is of course The Rink, a 170’ x 100’ skating rink where admission is free —  another reason why Bryant Park is one of our favorites. If you own a pair of skates, bring them along and literally skate the day away. No need to worry if you don’t own a pair, skate rentals are available at The Rink.

While The Holiday Shops are only in town until January 4, 2015, The Rink stays open until March 1, 2015. With plenty of events and activities going on throughout the months, The Winter Village at Bryant Park should absolutely be on your must-see list. We stopped by The Winter Village when it opened earlier last week, and here’s a little sneak peak of what you can expect this holiday season at the Winter Village at Bryant Park!


Welcome to Bryant Park 


Holiday Shops at the Winter Village in Bryant Park


Angry Birds who? Kubiya Games sells environmentally friendly and fun puzzles for your entertainment. 


Woops! Macarons & Cookies 


Head to The Raw Art for street art-inspired pieces.


The Raw Art 


Pop-up restaurant Celsius. 




Lace up and skate away at New York City’s only free admission rink.






 Can the back drop for this Winter Village get any better? ( No, the answer is No.) 


 The Rink is open Monday – Sunday, 8am to 10pm. 


 Even furry little (or not so little) friends are welcomed at Bryant Park.



Photos by Jorge Quinteros, an avid photographer based in Brooklyn. Visit his website here!

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