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Through the Double R’s: A journey into the Refinery Hotel

You glance at the door as Basha, the enthusiastic bellhop, welcomes you to the Refinery Hotel. As he opens the cab door, you can hardly believe you’ve finally made it to the big city where dreams are made. Basha asks if this is your first time visiting New York. With a smile, you quietly respond “Yes, yes it is,” as you walk through the door.



As you’re waiting to check-in, you quietly observe the hat pins that make up a structure hanging on the wall. A peculiar sight, but somehow elegant in this old building that once used to house a hat factory.


The woman hands you your hotel key card. You make your way to the elevator, where a gentleman in a crisp black suit takes you to your floor. At the door to your room, you slip the key card into the slot. The door opens with a click. It feels just like home.


You put down your bags and pull back the curtains. The sight of the city below catches your breath. You still can’t believe you’re here. On the table is a copy of the Refinery Times. You sink into the chair, thumbing through the hotel newspaper.


Suddenly your stomach gives a loud grumble. You head downstairs to Parker & Quinn, the hotel restaurant, for some proper food and drink. The aroma of succulent hickory smoked barbecue ribs hits you. A bubbly waitress who asks where you are visiting from. I’m a long way from home, you reply.  She recommends a Blood Orange mimosa for the long flight. Yes please!


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After lunch, you head back towards the elevator. You see a button labeled RT, and your curiosity gets the better of you. Stepping out of the elevator, your heart pounds quickly. Ahh, you think. RT. Rooftop.


You’re staring straight at the Empire State Building. You rub your eyes as if to wake up from a dream, but this isn’t a dream. You’re in one of the world’s greatest cities, staring at one of the most iconic buildings in history from  the Refinery Rooftop.




You enjoy a tranquil moment of silence, quietly observing the view from the terrace. You decide that you’ll come back later on tonight. For now, it’s time for a little rest and relaxation.



Photos by Tina Berardi. Visit her portfolio here!

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