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Capturing Refinery by Jorge Quinteros

Capturing the essence of a moment seems to be second nature for Jorge Quinteros, a Brooklyn based photographer. Jorge has a love for photography cultivated over the years through his inquisitiveness and admiration of the craft. With a natural curiosity and an appreciation for the beauty of everyday life, Jorge stopped by the Refinery in late July to portray this very essence throughout the hotel.

jorgeq - photoessay1
Basha the bellman is known for his sense of humor around Refinery

jorgeq - photoessay2

jorgeq - photoessay3

Brunch at Parker & Quinn

jorgeq - photoessay4

jorgeq - photoessay5Australian-born waitress Sarah at Parker & Quinn’s shares stories about “real” iced coffee back home

jorgeq - photoessay7

A Sunday afternoon on the Refinery Rooftop

jorgeq - photoessay8
“Make sure you get my good side.”

jorgeq - photoessay9

jorgeq - photoessay8
Keep smiling, it makes people wonder where you’ve been.

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