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Welcome to the suite life

Welcome to the suite life as seen by photographer Daniela Spector. Exploring our suites here at the Refinery Hotel,  Daniela captures the still beauty of an untouched room. Aiming to capture small moments through poetic, light driven photos, Daniela shares her take on the Refinery Hotel.

suitelife - danielaphotoessay
Welcome to the Refinery Hotel

suitelife - danielaphotoessay2

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For your entertainment, the Refinery Times.

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Tailored, sophisticated and unique.
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Room details. 

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A little something to keep you nice and warm.

suitellife - danielaphotoessay9
Do not disturb.

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Cheers to a wonderful stay! 

Check out more of Daniela’s work on her website and keep up with her New York City adventures on Instagram.

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