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Bryant Park Summer Activities

New York City is home to many beautiful parks and gardens, one of which happens to be just a few short blocks away from the Refinery Hotel: Bryant Park. Known for its beautiful lawn in the summer and its ice skating rink in the winter, Bryant Park is never one to keep its guests wanting. Whether its beginning your day working out with the FitClub, or spending your afternoon challenging a stranger to a good ol’ board game, there’s no shortage of things to do here, especially in the summer. Here are a few of our favorite Bryant Park summer activities:

Bryant Park: HBO Park Summer Film Festival
New Yorkers relish in the moments when they can grab a blanket and lay out on the lawn at Bryant Park after a long day at work. It gets even better when HBO is featuring a film on a giant screen on the lawn every Monday until August 18 in the park. Beginning at dusk, classic films like The Shining and The Karate Kid play out for the enjoyment of all those who managed to score a spot on the lawn. Arrive early with a few snacks, and wait for the sun to set and the film to begin. There’s no better way to spend a cool summer evening.

Broadway in Bryant Park
Clear out your schedules every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30pm: Broadway is coming to Bryant Park. Presented by 106.7 Lite FM, some of the most popular shows on and off Broadway perform their biggest hits in the park. We’re sure you’ve heard of that “little” musical Jersey Boys — well, they’re hitting the stage this summer at Bryant Park, and this is one hour you don’t want to miss. We can’t promise you won’t be tempted to walk over to the Theater District to pick up a ticket to any of the shows.

Language Classes in Bryant Park
Before you jet off to Italy for your summer vacation this year, stop by Bryant Park for a language class every Monday at 11:45am. These beginner classes by inlingua offers free lessons in Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish. Classes are not cumulative, so stop by anytime friends — or shall we say, amici?

Bryant Park Yoga
Clear your minds and stretch your body with a yoga class in Bryant Park every Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to bring a positive attitude and your yoga mat along with you. For a city that’s always on the go, take a moment (or rather, an hour) to take some fresh air and yoga on the lawn. Your body will thank you for this. Namaste.

The list doesn’t end here. Visit the website for a list of events in the park.  We almost forgot to mention the added bonus: all these summer activities in Bryant Park are absolutely free!

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