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5 pieces we love at the affordable art fair for under $500

Art no longer has to cost you an arm, leg and the down payment on your first house. The annual Affordable Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea stocks original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs from galleries across the world, on sale for as low as $100. We strolled through the fair on its first morning and chose our favorites—all for $500 or less. The fair runs until Sunday, September 13th.



Visual artist Shantell Martin transforms the fair’s lounge on the second floor into an elegant waiting space—perfect for mulling over your art-purchasing decision while drinking a cappuccino—with her signature black ink on white walls on display. We loved the heartfelt message and adorable faces embracing each other on this piece, hanging just behind the couches.

Price: $200

Gallery: ArtSpace


Resort 2016, Nicole Cohen


This piece caught our eye from across the room—maybe because it’s Fashion Week. Video installation artist Nicole Cohen captured this behind-the-scenes moment at a New York Fashion show last year. The stillness of the scene perfectly depicts the quietness before the runway madness.   

Price: $275.00 (size: 21×24)

Gallery: ArtStar


Lemon Mango Melt Cup Cone and Strawberry Pear Cup Cone with Rainbow Sprinkles, Anna Barlow


Ceramicist Anna Barlow manages to capture more than the ephemeral nature of melting scoops of ice cream. She immortalizes nostalgia, too. We wouldn’t mind having a few of these in our kitchen!

Price: $390 each

Gallery: Rebecca Hossack


Converse Chuck Taylor II’s Limited Edition, London Kaye


Walking around New York City, you might notice a fence adorned with a crochet of a beautiful woman, butterfly—or even the title character from the 90s cartoon Hey Arnold! Thank artist London Kaye. Previewing at the Affordable Art Fair this year, Kaye has crocheted two pairs of these limited-edition Chuck Taylor sneakers in size 7.5 and 10.5. There’s something awesome about knowing you’re the only person in the world that could possibly be sporting these kicks. Now, to wear or not to wear?

Price: $350

Gallery: Sugarlift


Alcock and Brown, Ian Penney


An illustrator by trade, Penney has been recreating moments through intricacies of papercutting since 2008. This detailed stencil papercut piece will inspire you to take up a new pastime—patience is required.  

Price: $420 (top)

Gallery: Rebecca Hossack


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