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Tumi: Luggage for the Refined Traveler

The refined traveler carries her or himself with balanced elegance: trendy yet original, imbued with efficiency that’s invaluable while staying stylish and comfortable on the road. Each of these crucial elements begins and ends with luggage. Whether you’re rolling it through the airport or carrying it hip-side down the fashion runways that are the streets of New York City, your luggage states that you’re a traveler, and the quality of your luggage says what kind of traveler you are. At the forefront of refined and stylish travel merchandise stands Tumi.

To spread the word on what’s selling at this one-of-a-kind brand’s shops, we visited several Tumi retail locations right here in Manhattan. According saleswomen, salesmen and managers, here’s what’s hot at Tumi right now.

Alpha Bravo
Kingsville Deluxe Brief pack

Image via Tumi.com

There’s something nice about being able to travel with a backpack. It’s perfect for a weekend trip, offering the ability to separate your laptop and work materials from your clothes. And now, thanks to Tumi, a backpack can stand as a visual statement of taste and professionalism.

This slick looking pack is accented with leather strips and a series of compartments ideal for all of the accessories that come with work and travel. It comes complete with the always necessary laptop and iPad pouch, protective nylon and a 3D mesh padded back so you’re work shirt doesn’t get too suffocated and sweaty. There’s also a slip in the back, allowing the bag to slide easily onto the pull-up handle of your roller suitcase.

Alpha 2
International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On

Image via Tumi.com

This expandable carry-on is the go-to suitcase for the refined traveler, featuring a plethora of compartments and progressive technology. The quintessential expansion system creates an extra layer of interior packing space. This carry-on essentially allows travelers to bring extra clothes while keeping them neat, clean and wearable. The bag’s aircraft grade extension handle and 360-degree rotating wheels known for easy and versatile maneuvering make it the perfect travel companion for busy airports.

This Alpha 2 is ideal for many different types of weekend, business and international trips. The widespread potential for use and high quality of material and design are the major reasons why this is one of Tumi’s most popular items.

Alpha Bravo
Knox Backpack

Image via Tumi.com

Perfect for an overnight stay — or even your good, old-fashioned everyday work commute, the Alpha Bravo Knox backpack contains a plethora of compartments while appearing streamlined and smooth. With plenty of space for all of your professional needs, the Knox Backpack provides the perfect balance of spaciousness and comfortable size.

Responsibility. Cool. Efficiency. All of you refined travelers out there ought to take a look at Tumi and elevate life on the road.

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