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Midtown Gem: UrbanSpace Market

While some believe that Midtown Manhattan lacks the same pizzazz as other parts of town when it comes to dining options, we are here to tell you that there are many gems peppered throughout our neighborhood. Our current obsession is UrbanSpace Garment District—a vibrant pop-up outdoor food market. Tacos, wood-fired pizzas, Texan comfort food and Korean barbecue are just a few of the shops that now line the streets of 41st and Broadway. Hurry: UrbanSpace Garment District ends October 24.


Stand: Home Frite

Order: Original Hand Cut Fries

Insider Tip: Ketchup is fun, but try as many sauces as possible. Our favorite was the “herb-ocado sauce”—a blend of avocado, tomatillo, arugula and greens with a hint of citrus.


Stand: Gelato Ti Amo

Order: Small Tropical Mix Gelato

No Excuses: So what if it’s the middle of October? Gelato is always a good idea.


Stand: Bangkok B.A.R.

Order: Garlic Chicken in Thai garlic sauce, served with jasmine rice.

Backstory: B.A.R. in Bangkok B.A.R. stands for “Born and Raised,” and sure enough, this no-frills chicken dish is as authentic as it comes. So as you’re savoring your rice dish steps away from Times Square, close your eyes and imagine yourself in shorts and flip flops on the streets of Bangkok.


Stand: All of ’em.

Don’t forget: To order as much as you can carry! If you feel like there are just too many options for you to choose from, just remember you don’t have to. Order a little bit of everything. We did!

Visit UrbanSpace Garment District for a full list of participating restaurants.

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