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How to Stand Out During NYFW

Get ready, New York. New York Fashion Week is once again descending upon the city, bringing with it a trove of stylish celebrities, models and industry VIPs. From February 11th through the 18th, the frenzy of runway shows and parties will see droves of fashionable ladies and gents on the streets of NYC—plus plenty of photographers, professional and amateur, tracking their every move. Last year our photographer, Daniela Spector, hit the pavement at NYFW to capture the best looks of the season. Here are some ideas for getting noticed—and photographed—during NYFW.

1. Bring a stylish pup.


Who could resist a pooch that’s ready to hit the runway? Model Cara Delevingne’s might have started a trend when her husky crashed the Chanel show this year.

2. Wear bold colors.


And bold accessories. These ultra-bright pumps (and bag and scarf) immediately capture people’s attention.

3. Stay fashionable—even in the cold.


Yes, it’s cold in NYC during the month of February, but think twice before attending any shows in a puffer coat. Stay warm, but go for a snazzy look, like this sleek faux fur.

4. Carry your necessities in a cute bag.


So what if all you’re carrying is your iphone? A standout bag will be sure to catch a photographer’s eye.

5. Don’t button your coat. Better yet, don’t put your arms in the sleeves.


In the words of Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Directo at Valentino, “If you put your arms into the sleeves of your coat, you are not fashion.” 

6. Twirl, Twirl, Twirl.

IMG_7901 (1)

Fashion Week is your stage, so act like it. In the words of Beyoncé, twirl on the haters.

7. Roll with a fashionable clique.


Share the spotlight with your dapper friends to make a big impression and nab a killer group shot.

8. Rock an awesome pattern.


This patterned three-piece ensemble makes a bold, unified statement that stands out in the crowd.

9. Bring your mini-muse.


Kids always steal the show, and photographers love nothing more than snapping pics of fashionistas in the making.

10. Be you. Unapologetically.


There’s nothing better than being yourself. As fashion blogger Jamal Jackson says, “people can always smell B.S.”


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