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Forget Tinder: Why the Jazz Age Lawn Party is the Perfect Place to find Love

The Jazz Age Lawn Party celebrates the 1920s, transporting guests to the splashy, fun, anything-goes time period via a costume party on Governor’s Island. Dress to the nines, dance to the sounds of live jazz music, and find love. Yes, that’s right. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is the best singles mixer in New York City. Here’s why!

You’ll know that you both like the same music


If you’re attending the Jazz Age Lawn Party, you probably like Jazz music. And the same goes for your soon-to-be discovered beau. That means no arguments over Spotify channels. Just press play on the John Coltrane.

It takes two to Fox Trot


There’s plenty of dancing going on during this two-day extravaganza. The best part about this is that you can’t swing dance alone! So grab an available dance partner, and strike up a conversation. Dance the day away—and you might just score a date in the process.

Every Jay Gatsby needs their Daisy Buchanan


Gatsby threw many lavish parties in the hopes of catching the attention of Daisy Buchanan—a beautiful debutante who he was mildly (ok, overly) obsessed with. Every Gatsby needs a Daisy, and the Jazz Age Lawn Party is the best place to start looking.

Duets were made for two


Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Aileen Stanley and Billy Murray. Noticing a trend here? Jazz has a way of bringing the best and brightest together.

No selfies allowed


Your outfit is killer, and you’ll want to share it with your friends (aka the world). There’s no way you can capture the full awesomeness of your outfit all on your own. Leave the selfie stick at home, and instead ask a stranger to take the photo for you. A compliment leads to a conversation, and the rest is history!

Make it a date!

Ready to make it a date? The summer’s next edition of the Jazz Age Lawn Party occurs on August 25th.

Photos courtesy of:
Mary Alice
Paul Stein
Anna Fisher

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