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Fashion-y Art Pieces We Are Coveting

This weekend, we ventured over to Midtown’s Piers 92 and 94 for the annual Armory Show, in which galleries from across the globe showcase contemporary and modern art. The champagne was flowing, and all kinds of fashionable guests (including art-loving pup Miss Pickle) were in attendance.

Wandering through the endless maze of art, we found ourselves drawn to the more fashion-heavy pieces. Here were our favorites.

“Emporium,” 2016


Artist: Kudzanai Chiurai
Gallery: Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
From the mannequin’s digitally printed cotton cassock to the laser-cut steel-plated shopping cart, everything about Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai’s “Emporium” felt like part of a fashion show

“Woman with the red jacket,” 2016


Artist: Stephan Balkenhol
Gallery: Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland
Stephan Balenhol’s “Woman with a red jacket” wooden sculpture perfectly exemplified that classic je ne sais quoi European fashion, with a nude lip, red coat, black boots and a black-bowed barrett. We wanted to walk out of the Armory Show wearing this outfit.

“Neveruses,” 2015


Artist: Josh Blackwell
Gallery: 11R, NYC
Artist Josh Blackwell uses any material that he can get his hands on—yarn, thread, cotton—to transform plastic bags into works of art. We couldn’t help but feel disappointed when we learned the “Neveruses” bags are, in fact, not usable.

“Tasbih,” 2014


Artist: Zarina Hashmi
Gallery: Espace, New Delhi, India
Indian artist Zarina Hashmi stains maplewood with Sumi ink before covering the beads with 22-karat gold leaf specks. The necklace looked like something fashion icon Iris Apfel would wear, and we wanted one too!

“Jakobs Traum,” 2008


Artist: Anselm Kiefer
Gallery: Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art, Düsseldorf, Germany
These adorable dresses hanging from tiny, hand-made iron hangers might inspire your next DIY project. (If only we could fit something like this in our New York City closets!)

“La creazione del mondo,” 1978


Artist: Fausto Melotti
Gallery: Repetto Gallery, MayfairFausto
Melotti’s glimmering piece reminded us of every fashion designer’s best friend, the vintage dress form (a torso model used for fitting clothing). We’ve watched enough episodes of Project Runway to spot the resemblance.

“Untitled,” 1963


Artist: Yayoi Kusama
Gallery: Whitestone Gallery, Tokyo
Yayoi Kusama earned a reputation for super-vibrant art work (think red and white polka dots). But after seeing this mixed media piece, we decided we prefer his more subtle, less colorful work.

“Woman with the red jacket,” 2016

“Woman with the red jacket,” 2016

“Woman with the red jacket,” 2016

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