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Because, pizza.

Because, pizza.


Last month, H0t Girls Eating Pizza stopped by the Refinery Rooftop. Why? For the pizza of course! Perched on top of our red couches, Jackie (@jrgebel) proudly posed with her personal pepperoni pizza pie. With a look of sheer excitement (think tongue out emoji), the h0t girl eating pizza project took on a new venue—and a pie—at the same time. No two pizza slices are ever the same, right?

Marta Freedman, creator of the pizza project is taking New York City on one slice at a time, and we find it seriously addicting—kind of like the Refinery Hotel’s flatbread pizza, made with pepperoni, green onion, and Mike’s Hot Honey.

H0T Girls Eating Pizza, you make Fridays so much better.

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