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Discover The Garment District

Five fab places for a history-filled walking tour

The Garment district is less than a square mile, spanning from 34th to 42nd Street between Fifth Ave and Ninth Ave. Yet what it lacks in actual sidewalk space, it makes up for it with its very rich history. Since the early 20th century the Garment District has been making a splash in the world of fashion and beyond. During its glory days, the streets were buzzing with rolling racks full of beautifully handcrafted dresses and suits, and the streets were lined with fabric stores, button shops, jewelry stores and millenaries. Many of these stores exist till this day.
A mix of old and new, there are many places to explore in our little neighborhood. Sure, you can spend the day at the famed Reading Room at the New York Public Library, but how about heading over to the smaller Mid-Manhattan Public Library across the street? Here’s five hidden gems of the Garment District, and we’re sharing them with you!

1. Culture Espresso:

Not much of a difficult find, Culture Espresso is actually across the street from The Refinery Hotel. However, this is far from the reason we’ve suggested it. A quaint coffee shop, with art work of local artists hanging on the walls, Culture Espresso serves up not only great coffee and pastries, but a welcoming atmosphere. With coffee preparation and presentation at the core of their being, Culture Espresso works with different coffee farmers and roasters to offer customers quality coffee to keep you running throughout the day. If they’re available, cozy up with a latte in the few small booths in the corner of the shop. Hint: Cookies are baked all day long and pastries are delivered fresh in the mornings. Better get there early!

Culture Espresso
72 West 38th Street
Manhattan, NY, 10018
website: www.cultureespresso.com



2. Mid-Manhattan Library:

While we are sure it is mandatory somewhere in the laws of visiting New York City to marvel at the grandeur of The “Main” New York Public Library, we suggest making a stop at the nearby Mid-Manhattan Library. It is here that you find the old charm of a library that houses the largest circulating collection of the NYPL. With six floors full of books, and a guide to Shakespeare on the shelves, it’s hard to resist the allure of this library. The library hosts talks, movies and other events throughout the week. When you visit, be sure to pull out a book and remember the feel of turning a crisp page of one of your favorite books. (See our full guide to the NYPL’s Main Branch, just across the street!)

Mid-Manhattan Library
455 Fifth Avenue (at 40th Street)
New York, New York, 10016
website: http://www.nypl.org/locations/mid-manhattan-library




3. Untamed Sandwiches:

“Slow cooked, quickly devoured” is the slogan at Untamed Sandwiches, and they believe in serving food only on the basis that it is natural, untouched, and unbridled. With exposed brick walls, chalkboard menus, and sandwiches with names like Carla Bruni and Chupacabra, this sandwich shop is fun and unique. If you thought charred broccoli, fried almond butter, pickled jelly and cress didn’t go together, think again! The Sheemakers Bounty sandwich will leave you wanting more. Check out the back of the menu for the slogans that didn’t make the cut — “Braise the Roof,” anyone?

Untamed Sandwiches
43 West 39th Street
(Between 5th and 6th Avenue)
New York, New York, 10018
website: http://www.untamedsandwiches.com/




4. Manny’s Millinery Supply Company:

Much like everything in the Garment District, Manny’s Millinery Supply Company has a rich history. A family owned shop, Manny’s actually shares a bit of history with the Refinery. In it’s early days, the store was housed on the second floor of the Colony Arcade, which now houses our hotel. Stop by the shop and check out what it really takes to put a snazzy hat together. The staff is friendly, and will assist you with putting together a one of a kind piece. We can’t think of a better souvenir than a hat made just for you, and maybe even by you!

Manny’s Millinery Supply Company
28 West 38th Street
New York, New York, 10018
website: http://www.mannys-millinery.com/




5. Stoll Fashion & Technology Knitting Center:

The window displays at the Stoll Fashion & Technology Knitting Center will grab your attention with its intricately made–and sometimes very tiny–knitwear pieces. Whether you are in the business of knitwear or not, the Knitting Center is an interesting place to visit. It houses the largest knitwear archive with many of the pieces showcased. As a center for learning, Stoll offers guided tours of their knitwear and pattern archives and databases, along with their high performing knitting machines. Stoll inspires one to be creative. If you’re in town for some time and feel like picking up a new craft, Stoll offers knitting workshops as well as handknitting courses. Stop in for a quick spin around the center, or call in advance to set up a consultation.

Stoll Fashion & Technology Knitting Center
250 West 39th Street
New York, New York, 10018




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