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Celebrate the Holidays at the Best Ice Skating Rinks in NYC

Ice skating in New York City is an absolutely beautiful experience. There’s something calming about gently gliding on a patch of ice surrounded by the city as Manhattan’s skyline reaches into the misty winter sky above the millions bustling through the city’s streets. As all of those people run to buy gifts or hurry to work, you simply skate, savoring the serenity of coasting through this wild town. Don’t forget to add a little peace to your holiday season by checking out some of the best ice skating rinks in NYC.

Winter Village at Bryant Park
The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park features a variety of wonderful attractions, including shopping, food and some superb ice skating. Bryant Park’s rink features free skating until March 1, 2015. Opening its doors to all, the rink at the Winter Village at Bryant Park accommodates those without skates by offering rentals and those who can’t skate by providing lessons. In the heart of Midtown, the atmosphere of the Winter Village will make your time on the ice unforgettable.

The Trump Rink in Central Park
It’s difficult to imagine a more magical space for ice skating. Surrounded by the vast wonder that is Central Park with the tall city hovering beyond, the Trump Rink in Central Park provides an incredible sense of being in the middle of the woods and the greatest city in the world at the exact same time. With youth hockey training and adult pond hockey leagues, figure skating, birthday parties and more, there’s plenty to participate in and observe in Central Park. Considering its wondrous atmosphere and unparalleled services, it’s safe to say that the Trump Rink in Central Park is, hands down, one of the best rinks in the city.

The Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center
The flags, the golden statue, New York City’s favorite Christmas Tree and the ice rink are the main pillars of Rockefeller Center’s iconic holiday display. The rink itself, beloved by visitors and New York natives both, is a symbol and stage for the holiday cheer of the winter months. Visitors can enjoy the scenery from one of several onsite eateries or dive right into the middle of it and skate this distinguished New York City rink.

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